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Several adult satellite TV stations broadcast to Europe, and all are available with the appropriate satellite TV receiver and a subscription card reader. Some station subscriptions are not available in the UK because of their explicit content, though determined individuals have been able to obtain 'pirate' cards. For equipment requirements, and TV station Web page links, see below.

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The Adult Channel
UK-based over 18s Adult channel broadcasting from Midnight to 4pm every evening. Subscription are readily available for about 50 per year, which gets you a Videocrypt subscription card, and the channel can be received by anyone equiped to receive Sky TV.

Similar output to the Adult Channel.
Also known as The Fantasy Channel.

Playboy Channel Logo The Playboy Channel
On Astra broadcasting from midnight to 4am. Subscription are readily available which gets you a Videocrypt subscription card.

TV 1000
TV 1000Swedish based movie channel broadcasting predominantly English-speaking films to Scandinavian subscribers. An adult film is shown on Monday night, and uncut adult films that would not recieve a UK certificate, are broadcast Tuesday to Sunday at around 11pm. The station broadcasts in D2Mac, and requires a Eurocrypt subscription card, and so it can not be received with standard Sky satellite TV equipment.

Adult X
(Was Adult+ / Torrid TV / Rendez Vous / Eurotica)

Rendev VousFrench based subscription adult movie channel, and broadcasting on the Hotbird satellite in D2Mac and encrypted with Eurocrypt, from about 11:20pm until 4am.

Amore (was Eros TV)
Uncensored adult channel, showing a variety of European and US films.

Satisfaction Channel TV
Uncensored adult channel, showing in digital.

Channel Bizarre
Eros TVEros TV
Hard-core adult channels, now closed.

Canal+ Denmark/Norway
Channels that also broadcast adult movies two or three times a week, usually on Wednesday and Friday. Canal+ Norway shows censored films, Canal+ Denmark are uncut.

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Adult Satellite TV Stations (Table)
Station Satellite Frequency Signal Encryption
Adult Channel Astra 19.2E 11.568V Pal Videocrypt
TV X Astra 19.2E 10.979V Pal Videocrypt
Playboy Channel Astra 19.2E 11.671H Pal Videocrypt
Adult X Hotbird 1 13.0E 11.010V D2mac Eurocrypt
Adult X Intelsat 707 1W 111.59V Digital (SR 17496, FEC 3/4)
Amore TV Eutelsat W2 16E 11.178V D2Mac Eurocrypt
Amore TV Hot Bird 13E 12.379H Digital (SR 27500, FEC 3/4)
TV 1000 Intelsat 707 1W 11.054V D2Mac Eurocrypt
Canal+ Denmark Thor2 0.8W 11.261H D2Mac Eurocrypt
Canal+ Norway Thor2 0.8W 11.293H D2Mac Eurocrypt
Satisfaction Channel TV Hot Bird 13E 12.091H Digital (SR27500, FEC 3/4)
Palco XXX Hipasat 30W 12.378 H Digital (SR 27500, FEC 3/4)

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