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Nominated for Most Outrageous Sex Scene for 1999, AVN. 4 stars, Spotlight Pick, AVN. Editor's Choice, Adam Film World. Anal Ball is turgid, blasphemous and extraordinarily perverse. We announce our allegiance to the Church of Zupko. Long live the fucking king!-- Jeremy Stone, Adam Film World. The Apocalypse is NOW! Apocalypse Productions joins the Evil Empire! Fans of Greg Dark and Rob Black stand back and prepare to be viscerally annihilated-- AP's first effort for Evil Angel, Anal Ball (released June 23) will rock your world. Hard kinky anal imagery filters through your cortex as hypnotic new-metalindustrial music resonates in your cerebellum. Watch the Pagan God of Porn rectally baptize teen scream queens as the Court Jester takes communion from the Golden Chalice and The Judge sentences one young lady to 30 minutes of hard anal labor with cocks ice cubes and bananas. Question Community Standards with fresh food for your psychic stomach as you stimulate yourself straight down to your synapses. State of the art porn for the new millennium, says John Stagliano.




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