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Under the full moon, one night recently, I couldn't I pulled out some of my favorite magazines to jerk-off. Inspiration Struck!!! I realized that the best magazines all come from England. They're filled with pretty, new, smiling faces and spectacular butts. I thought that for sure, other perverts (like myself) have noticed this. Well, what the hell was I waiting for? This was my job! - This was my life's work! Somebody's got to go capture those great butts on video for the world to share (and perverts to drool and squirt over). I called Rocco in Italy and we met in London a week later. In England I talked to a photographer and asked him about some of my favorite butts from those magazines. Presto! Two days later I was getting Misty McCaine (what a spectacular butt) and Louise Armani to undress for me (among other things.). It was a great trip!




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